Pascal Smelik | Puik Art

Pascal Smelik (1983, NL) graduated in 2009 at The School of the Arts with two designs, comprised of a series of candlewax based products, popularly known as the ‘Kaarsrecht’ series. His works were nominated for the ‘Piet Bakker Award’ and the ‘Talent 2009 Design Awards’. This led to starting his own studio in Amsterdam. Smelik’s attitude towards design encourages new and refreshing ideas. He is a real explorer of shapes and materials, mostly by using an “unknow factor” in his production methods. In his work he is looking and exploring for all new kinds of materials in the field of design, which he then translates in products we know today. By taking on the challenge of the experiment, which also includes the risks and “mistakes”, his process stays intriguing and dynamic. Smelik’s work has been presented in several galleries, International Design fairs and exhibitions in India, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. Studio Pascal Smelik, founded in 2009 in Amsterdam, has its own collection in applied arts and product design. The studio also designs and produces under commission.

‘Brandewyn’, literally translated to ‘Burning Wine.’ Some products belong together even though the original function served for another purpose. When you merge the two separate products into one material their relationship towards each other becomes clear. The ‘Brandewyn’ is made completely out of candle wax, has a burning time of 80 hours and is available in a variety of colors.

baancee pascalsmelik puikart brandewijn 01