Kirsten Spuijbroek en Jelmer Noordeman | ZWARD

ZWARD is a design duo based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. ZWARD was founded by jewellery designer Kirsten Spuijbroek and illustrator Jelmer Noordeman. The extraordinary difference in background leads to a different, refreshing approach in design. Experimentation is an important part of the work process. ZWARD works autonomously and in the form of assignments for other labels. 

ZWARD presents collections of jewellery and other objects. ZWARD is fascinated by neglected and worn-out objects. They transform these inspirations into exciting new objects, without losing the perspective on the bittersweetness of their subject matter – nostalgia, melancholia, the darker side of life.

baancee kirsten spuijbroek en jelmernoordeman zward 01    baancee kirsten spuijbroek en jelmernoordeman zward 02